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  • Specializing in English and Israeli law

  • Solicitor (England - non-practising)

  • Advocate

  • Notary





Power of Attorney
My name is John de Frece. I am an Advocate specialising in English and Israeli law. Among the range of speciality legal services I offer are:
Enduring Power of Attorney

Available in Israel since May 2017: this provides legal authorisation to act on someone else's behalf - without the need to apply to the courts - in legal, financial and medical matters, should that person become unable to make such decisions. 

Civil Litigation

The entire spectrum of interpersonal conflicts over money! Includes regular litigation, such as claims for payment, breach of contract, dishonored cheques etc.

Wills and Estates

Services available for English or Israeli circumstances. 


I act for three dynamic start-ups -and I can help you to set up and advise on your business needs

Recognition of Foreign Judgements

If you have an English court judgment - I will enforce it in Israel - likewise, I will enforce an Israeli judgment in England. 

Personal Status Issues​

Divorce, maintenance, child custody, paternity, prenups, child kidnapping, immigration and other domestic issues. 

Divorce in England

I will handle all the issues required to pursue divorce through the English courts. 


My conveyancing rates are very competitive. 

Tribunals Arbitration
Legal Translations​

Representation in courts, tribunals and arbitrations in civil and matrimonial matters including the Hague Convention.

I can provide expert legal translations from Hebrew to English accompanied by a notarial certificate. 

 Scales of Justice

Competition between the thousands of lawyers in Israel today is fierce.  Immigrant lawyers from English-speaking countries generally find it difficult to acclimatize to Israeli methods, and to make the transition to practising successfully here.
But I have an advantage - I came to Israel as a young, newly qualified solicitor, well versed in the practice of law. I joined the Judge Advocate General Corps of the IDF and almost immediately started appearing in Military courts and tribunals. I thus gained the essential tools and down-to-earth experience as a solid foundation on which to establish my own vibrant practice, running since 1985.

If you have any form of business dealings in Israel - be it simply buying a home, hard litigation, wills, estates, divorce - there are two essential basic elements to ensure a successful outcome:

  • Having a lawyer who is fully versed in local practice, methods, systems and culture

  • Being able to fully communicate with and understand your lawyer

You cannot afford any misunderstanding between you and your lawyer: You need a representative who speaks your language - literally and figuratively. Most importantly, you need somebody who can litigate for you against local lawyers and courts, who understands the Israeli court system, is fluent in the language and confident in his experience to confront opposing counsel, measure for measure.

With more than 40 years experience in the Israeli legal system, I bring you an invaluable, energetic and vibrant combination: an English legal background and hands-on experience of contending with the often daunting challenges of Israeli law.

This is the winning, unique formula which I  offer you. 

Business Partners at Work

I am always pleased and available to assist colleagues in Israel and England with their legal requirements

  • Opinions on English and Israel law

  • Expert evidence- in England, as to Israeli law and in Israel, as to English law

  • Translations and Notarial certification

  • Recognition of foreign judgments and their implementation in Israel

  • Drafting and explanation of contracts, wills, etc​

About me

I was born in Liverpool, England, educated at Liverpool College and the John Moores University of Liverpool, from which I graduated as a solicitor in 1974. Following my admission as a solicitor, I took a year off and was General Secretary of British Mapam (a left-wing Israeli political party; a forerunner of the modern-day Meretz party) and Vice President of the British Zionist Federation. 
I immigrated to Israel (made Aliyah) in 1975 and enlisted in the IDF for compulsory service. After completing an officers training course I served in the Military Advocate General’s corps in various capacities (military prosecutor, defence counsel and supervisor over disciplinary jurisdiction). My regular army service finished in 1982 and thereafter I served in the reserves until 2005 with the rank of Major.
I have worked in a number of law offices and opened my own practice. Since then I have worked in a number of firms either as a partner or in sole practice conducting high profile cases. 

JdeF_suit_blue tie.jpg
John de Frece
Meeting Room

I act for three dynamic start-ups in addition to:

  • The International Gardens of Peace Ltd - A monumental project in Petah Tikva

  • British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  • "Together "- for the advancement of the Trans Community

  • Artproofs Ltd - fighting and preventing theft of works of art

  • The Chosen One  - Egg Donation Agency

I am also registered on the British Embassy list of recommended lawyers.

Major clients
RG-TT_Google Maps2.jpg
de Frece Law

44 Menachem Begin Street 

Tel Aviv

ISRAEL 6618360

Mobile: +972 50 833 4307

Tel: +972 3 618 2121

Fax: +972 3 616 2898

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

Thank you. I'll get back to your shortly.

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